Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cause and Effect

I had an epiphany today and realized that sometimes what we are looking for isn’t what we see. Funny enough it was during a conversation about how we can be looking for something, expecting it to be a certain way, and poof, it shows up totally different.

Case in point; my husband was looking for the creamer the other day. Cuz God knows French Roast black coffee just doesn’t go down as easy at when you turn it milky brown. I had just put the creamer back in the fridge directly at his eye level; but because he was looking for a blue container instead of a yellow container, he totally didn’t see it.

It was right in front of his face, and yet he searched and searched but couldn’t see it. Only after I told him it was on the top shelf and he came to the realization that he had bought a different brand this time, did he finally see it.

Too often this is the metaphor of our lives. We spend so much energy and time looking for something that happens to be right in front of us. Or we get mad, frustrated, sad, or disappointed because we keep looking for something that isn’t there. We keep thinking it is supposed to be one way, and when it shows up looking different we don’t see it. No, that can’t be! I wasn’t expecting it to look that way! When did that show up?

Why waste the energy and time trying to find something that just isn’t working? Why do we keep trying to fit that square peg in the round hole? Could it be that we are so concerned with what it looks like that we haven’t been able to really understand why it showed up?

Why are we so focused on believing in financial lack? Why do we shrivel in fear when success comes knocking on our door? What is it about being sick and tired that has become barometer of what’s normal?

I think it is because we have allowed ourselves to overlook the law of Cause and Effect. Too many times we look to laws as tangible things; scientific laws that allow us to cling to the earth and harness electricity, but rarely do we look at the law of Cause and Effect and correlate what we see and experience is a direct reflection of our consciousness.
We all must understand the law of Cause and Effect. It was taught to us every day of our lives as children. You touch the flame, you’ll get burnt. You hit someone, they’ll hit you back. You do such and such, so and so will happen. We’ve learned there are consequences to our actions; because for every action there is an equal and measured re-action. Basically it is Cause and Effect.

Now we must apply that to our lives now. Look at what we are thinking. Is it constructive? Productive? Worthy of our time? Is what we think, producing a healthy experience? Are we putting out to the world exactly what we want back? These are the questions we need to take a moment at a time and ponder.

Are we looking at the Law of Cause and Effect with the same seriousness as all other scientific laws? Because once we do that—once we embody the difference that shows up in our lives, then we will truly be free to live a life of totally prosperity, complete peace, and unlimited possibilities.

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