Monday, February 21, 2011

Do You Consider Yourself Wealthy?

When you look around your life; dive deep in the accomplishments and acquisitions that swell around you, do you consider yourself wealthy?  Our society dictates to us what they think wealth is.  Society looks at the car(s) in your driveway, the size of the home you live in, the labels you plaster across your chest and the number of Benjamins in your wallet and according to that status-o-meter, society will plop you where they think you belong.  Wealth in that context is all about possessions.  But can’t wealth be measured by something more personal, more poignant than materialism?  I think so.

Wealth is derived from two words, well being.  It encompasses more than material gains and worldly possessions.  Wealth extends way beyond that; it comprises of our precious family life and abounding friendships, our prolific health and our balanced mental state of being.  It is not exclusive but all inclusive of our well-being—our wealth.  

What would happen if we as a society decided to demolish the Status-O-Meter and replace it with a Well-Being-O-Meter?  Would we be grateful for our abundance?  Would we ever take that moment to step back be in gratitude for the copious riches bestowed upon us in regards to our vitality, love and companionship?  Or are we so caught up in first impressions and lazy definitions that we grasp at the first thing that comes to our minds?  

I think not!  Matter of fact, I will go so far as to say, I know not.  I have had the privilege to meet people who live a very wealthy life.  They define wealth by experiences they share with others and the health they are thankful for everyday.  They don’t worry about the cars they drive, the house they have or what’s in their wallets.  They know everything in life is always in spherical motion and what they put out into the world will always circle its way back.  They tend to live in the moment, instead of being a part of it.  They help without expecting anything in return. 
Now I say, if one person can live a wealthy, prosperous life, than we all have the capability to do the same.  
That is the wealth I want. 

Come on, I’m not saying I don’t want nice things— we all want nice things.  I’m just saying I don’t want material possessions to be what shifts my Well-Being-O-Meter.  It’s just a little more personal than that.  
So I ask the question again, do you consider yourself wealthy?

And to that question; I would have to say… YES!

It’s all about having an attitude of gratitude!  

So thanks for stopping by…and I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!


  1. Great blog! Just what I needed. I know I don't post on here but I read all your blogs and love them. :).

    Keep them coming!!


  2. Thanks Morgan, it is nice to know people are reading them. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just writing to see myself type. :0)