Monday, February 28, 2011

Crash and Burn...

Why is it, that we as a population desire to see people crash and burn?  Hey wait, it’s a legitimate question.  Let’s face it, the societal “we” sit around watching, waiting, and even hoping for someone who is successful, prosperous, and even famous to lose everything.  Hit rock bottom and then, at their darkest, lowest point, we tend to decided if they are worthy of our judgments or our wisdom.  It is in those moments our society feels like they have succeeded in cracking another one.  Why is it that we feel better about ourselves when we see someone who is at their lowest point?  Do we really feel better when we neener, neener, neener, them and cast aspersions?  Or are we brushing the perspiration from our own brow, because it wasn’t us?  

I wonder if it’s because we have been raised and cattle prodded into believing this is the way we are supposed to be hardwired.  We let society dictate what is good and bad or right and wrong.   

We all know lying is wrong, but expect politicians do it.  We believe stealing is bad, and yet barely react when huge corporation runs off with millions.  At what point do we stop and begin to think for ourselves.  When do we stop shakin’ our fingers laced with judgment at the wrong people and start seeing the bigger picture?

What if we decided to take all of our preconceived ideas of who and what people should and shouldn’t be, and tossed it aside for a day… a week… a month..  a year?  Imagine how much more peace we would have in our lives.  How healthy we all would be.    We would stop wasting energy on anger, fear, hate, and doubt.  What if, we saw someone who experienced success and we celebrated them; instead of cursing them?  

Our world would change.  That’s what would happen and all because we decided to see things— differently.  

It is believed what you focus on grows.  It all starts in our own hearts and minds and blossoms from there.   Once we stop clinging to the unproductive ideas of jealousy, hate and fear, we allow new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to fill our minds and hearts.  Suddenly we begin to open ourselves up to understanding, Love, joy, and gratefulness.  We start to see the vibrant colors of our world.   

When those old discarded feelings and beliefs begin to creep into our lives, we can remember that they are nothing more than a reminder of who we used to be.  They don’t hold any power over the type of person we have become and we can let them crumble into the dust of who we used to be.  

So now challenge yourself, next time someone tells you how wonderful their life is going, celebrate it.  You see a person successful in doing what you want to do in your life, support them.    Focus on the little, even sometimes thought of as insignificant successes in your life until the bigger accomplishments find their way to you.   Stand in gratitude for every little and big thing in your life.  Do it until it becomes a habit you are proud of.  

Because life is a huge celebration; and it’s about time you remembered where you left the invitation.

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