Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where Did That Come From?

Sometimes I feel like a hamster running for its life in a plastic sphere.  My legs are working as hard as they can to get me to a safe corner of the room before some little kid grabs my hard plastic prison bubble and shakes it.   Who in the hell put that in my way? 

Hey~ when did they get that chair?  Whoa, I don’t remember that pile of clothes there a couple of days ago.  My stubby little legs push hard on the upper part of the ball, hoping I can maneuver around the pile and low and behold there are stairs.  Yeah, I remember them being there.  No biggie, I’ll just tumble with the ball as it bounces hard, magnifying the crashing sound as it hits the floor and I go head over heels.  Whew, no broken bones or drops of urine.  (Must be a good day)

“Wait, hold on.  What are you doing?  Put me down!”  Suddenly my sphere goes dark and I’m sailing through the air, so high up I think I am going to suffer from drastic elevation change syndrome(if there is such a thing).  Great, my ears are plugged.  I hate roller coasters.

I could only hope this kid will take me somewhere new.   Please, please, take me somewhere I haven’t been, maybe a bedroom or the kitchen.  I guess that would have been too easy.  Low and behold, bright light infuses my hard plastic bubble as my prison ball drops fast~ right back to the place I started.  Oops, did I do that?  Super, now I’m stuck smelling it.

How many of us go from the caged exercise wheel to the plastic prison ball in our own lives?  Are we truly experiencing the exhilaration of living life, or are we on the tread-wheel of complacency, just spinning until we decide to jump off.  If we could just run a little faster in our prison torture ball, maybe we could make it behind the TV.   If we spin the exercise wheel a little faster, maybe we’ll feel like we’ve accomplished something. 

It is time we jump off and boycott the wheel and fight tooth and nail to stay out of the plastic see-through rollie ball that ends up smelling like pee.  Take a moment to find something that makes you feel productive, supported, and special.  Maybe while you’re cuddled up in your little cardboard box filled with shredded newspaper; visualize what you want for your life.  

What is it that makes you smile ear to ear when you think about it?  What puts a boil of excitement in your gut?  What makes you want to take on the world? Find that, take that, and focus on that.  Hold that belief as your reality~ then the next time you get shoved into that hard plastic rollie ball, you’ll see it as an opportunity, rather than a prison sentence. 

Take on the day!

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