Friday, August 27, 2010

Where Did My Lunch Go?

Alright- now that the kids are back at school, and I think we have worked out all the kinks, I gotta say, I am dog-draggin' tired! Most parents are good with, back to school, trust me I can relate. The only issue I have, is when the kids go back to school, so do I.

This week it has been crazy trying to get the computer lab up and running. It takes a physical toll, when you have to flip tables back over, carry computer components and run the network and power cables, but hey, I'm not complaining. I have a job and it's a pretty cool one. 

Matter of fact, that isn't even what my post is about today. What I wanted to talk about is the fact that I didn't remember finishing my entire lunch. One minute I was preoccupied with what I had to do, and the next thing I knew, my chip bag was empty. Heck, the only thing I had left was my bottle of water. My sandwich? Well it was gone!

Without looking, I went to reach into the Ziploc bag that housed my allotment of 4 little cookies and they disappeared! Someone had to have come into my room, and taken them, when I was shoving my Veggie Turkey sandwich in my mouth and reading my "To Do" list. It is impossible that I ate 4 whole cookies without remembering what they tasted like. One minute they are there, the next only crumbs. That type of thing just doesn't happen!

That might explain what happened to my chips and strawberries too. Unconscious eating gets me every time. And the hardest part about it is when you realize—hey, I wanted to savor that! I wanted to taste each chip I put in my mouth, and before the message went from my brain to my mouth, the bag was empty. Man I hate when that happens. 

How many times have we all done that? Maybe if I took the time to savor my food, instead of inhaling it, I would remember what everything tasted like and how much I was actually eating. So today I came up with a solution… I'm gonna get me a bigger bag of chips!

Have a great weekend and try not to fall victim to the, I don't remember eating that, syndrome.

Here's a video to make you laugh out loud! 

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