Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Ends of the Spectrum

When I decided to write I had no idea it would turn into an 89K word document everyone would call a novel. I also didn't know that three quarters of the way through it I would start another novel that would bode 91K words. But I think the biggest thing nobody expected was that I would write two novels that were on two totally different ends of the genre spectrum. Prototype, my first novel is a general/sci-fi woman's fiction, while Wilson Mooney is a mature young adult chic-lit fiction. Okay, well to be honest, that is where I would think to put them or the area of the bookstore I would look for them. I am not by any means a publisher's placement advisor and to be honest, I'm so wide-eyed and green; they could tell me to place them in children's literature and I probably would agree. Not really, but do you get my point? These are where I would think the books belonged, in the hard to fit and understand world of genres.

Prototype is about Lauren Matthews, a female CIA agent who has been manipulated into becoming a host for a new weapon implanted into her head by people she thought she could trust. After falling for Alejandro Fernandez, the CEO of Spartacus Industries, she discovers the choices she made were more than she bargained for. Betrayal, deceit and murder ribbons her world and she realizes she has just signed her career, love and life, away for a singular existence in a reality she has no way of changing.

While Wilson Mooney is about a seventeen year old senior in a private boarding school who has fallen in love with her government teacher, Max Goldstein. When she finds out he feels the same way, sparks fly, intentions are tested, all while a narcissistic roommate almost ruins the whole thing. They have to deal with the trials and tribulations of young forbidden love, Wilson's age and Max's uncompromising self control.

Both books take place in short periods of time. Prototype is set over nine days while Wilson Mooney takes place in a weekend. Both books are written in first person and are told by females. Both experience falling in love and the physical reactions they each choose to experience. The perspective of each book lends to the reader the ability to put themselves into the forefront of the protagonist's world. I wanted to pluck the reader from their chair and drop them straight into the soul, mind and body of the main character.

Even if there are parallel lines of experiences between Lauren and Wilson, they live in two entirely different worlds. That is where we will find them waiting to be picked up by readers who want to live in a fantasy about the dangers of falling for the wrong men or the feelings that are invoked when they remember what it was like to experience their first love all over again.

Soon there will come a day when I will write on this blank screen the words, published and available. Until then, I chip away at what I think I'm supposed to do to sculpt the title, Published Author after my name.

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