Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Music That Motivates Me

So as I came home from San Jose Friday night after seeing one of my most favorite bands, Ok Go, for the second time in a month (Almost to the day!). I thought about the music that I listened to as I wrote my novels. How they inspired me, kept me going and left me with the ability to pull from deep in the crazy corners of my mind when I just wanted to stop.

I don’t know how most people write, but when I write I have to shut out all distractions. How do I do that, you ask? I push the iPod earphones into the front of my laptop and plug my ears with music from Mom’s Favorites (My playlist in iTunes). Which leads to the next logical question- Who’s on my playlist? Before I answer the question I’ve posed to my four subscribers, (BTW, thank you for subscribing, yay!) I have to say, it is the bands who I’ve listened to only while I’ve written and in no way reflects all of my musical taste. OK, so here is the list of bands in no particular order.

Drum Roll Please...

Tons of Ok Go and Death Cab for Cuties, along with Matt Nathanson, Santana, Carolina Liar, Metro Station, Stateless, Sheryl Crowe, Etta James, Spoon, Feist, Vampire Weekend, Train, Sixpence None the Richer, Sea Wolf, Larkin Gayl, Vivs, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Junior Boys, Fiona Apple, Lifehouse, Luce, John Butler Trio, The Bittersweets, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz, Rob Pattinson and yes even Katy Perry.

OK, so as you sit there disappointed that I didn’t list the songs from these artists. How about if I list the top ten songs that I love and listened to as I wrote scenes between Wilson and Max.

1. Oh Lately You’re so Quiet, OkGo

2. Come On Get Higher, Matt Nathanson

3. WTF?, Ok Go

4. I Want You so Bad I Can’t Breathe, Ok Go

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie

6. Meet Me at the Equinox, Death Cab for Cutie

7. Kelsey, Metro Station

8. Dull to Pause, Junior Boys

9. Bloodstream, Stateless

10. Put Your Lights On, Santana (Feat. Everlast)

WOW, that wasn’t easy. I had to start with my top 20 and whittle it down to 10. Such an ordeal.

Surprisingly, when I checked on the top 10 songs that had the most play I was shocked to see a couple that didn’t appear in my 10 favorites. When Jewel’s song, You Were Meant for Me came in as the fourth most listened to song I was totally thrown back. I really like that song; it is about the only song I listen to off the album, Pieces. Her emotional rawness (is that even a word?) really pulled heavy on my psyche. The second most listened to song was Shoot the Moon by OkGo. I didn’t realize I listened to that song that much. But it shouldn’t be surprising because I love Ok Go. I love the harmonies, the techno sound it has and the basic rhythm of the song before it breaks into distorted guitar licks. When The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf glared at me in the number six spot I couldn’t believe I didn’t put them into my top 10 with the upbeat tempo and cheery lyrics of this song.

So when you listen to the top 10 that I chose, (Just click on the song it will take you to iTunes) you will see the complex rhythm, emotional lyrics and sometimes just plain, raw, sexy music that motivated me into writing some really good scenes between two of my most favorite characters.

Now go and post your top 5 songs in the comments, I DARE YOU!

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  1. I can't believe you were able to narrow it down....that is tough!