Thursday, July 28, 2016


Just because someone doesn't live up to your expectation, doesn't make them wrong or less than.
Interpretation is half of the problem, the other half is our own ability to lay blame with others.
When we stop making our way right and other people's wrong, and we approach a situation with an open mind, we find that we fear less and we love more.
We are a fear based society. We are constantly bombarded with fear through all avenues of our lives. We can't even have a conversation today without fearing how it will be interpreted.
We have these impossible ideas of what to expect from people without ever communicating with them. We let hearsay propagate and perpetuate fear, hate, and anger. We let our own expectations dictate the outcome. When we worry, we draw things to worry about in our lives, when we are mad, we find more things to be mad about. When we expect people to behave like assholes, they will live up to our expectations, because what we focus on grows, what we put our energy into manifests, what we empower in our thinking and life will multiply. It is the law of Cause and Effect.
We don't have to live in fear, pain, anger, guilt and shame. We don't have to bite into the consciousness that the world is a terrible place to live.
Yes, there are terrible events and situations in the world, and yes, sometimes we are smack dab in the middle of them. I'm not saying we will never experience negative situations, to say that would be unrealistic. We are humans, having human experiences. What I am saying is we don't have to make fear the cornerstone of our thinking.
Why do we believe we must live under such limited thinking? What are we so afraid of?
Yesterday will NEVER change, it's written in the cosmos of the Universe, it is history, it's soaked into the walls of what was. So to fret your past gives nothing to your future. And to have preconceived ideas about tomorrow is a waste of your energy. Because, tomorrow will never come.
Tomorrow will always be tomorrow, with unwritten moments we will never experience but always long for. Tomorrow will always be just beyond our reach, always creating the need to continue a forward push.
Today, the present, this moment now, is what we must focus on. The ONLY thing we have some type of expectation and any control over. Your reactions are what make today, your thinking at this moment is what creates and motivates all your tomorrows. You've been given the best gift right now, and that is this present moment.
You messed up yesterday, use today to learn and move from it. You are not what yesterday was, you are what is unfolding right now. Stop looking back and wishing you did it differently. YOU CAN'T. IT'S DONE. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS MAKE TODAY BETTER.
You are more powerful than you think you are. Truly, if yesterday you were weak, make up your mind that today you are stronger. You  fell back into an old routine yesterday, know that today is not linked to yesterday's failures. You start new every second of every minute of this moment right now.
What if someone you respected, listened to, and always took their advice told you that you don't have to make an excuse for past mistakes, you don't have to carry them across your shoulders anymore. Lay them at the doorway of yesterday and come into today renewed and clean. They told you, that ALL your past is wiped away, and only this moment--right now matters. How would you react? I mean, truly think on that for a moment ... if someone you loved, admired, and listened to without question just said, forgive yourself, live right now like yesterday didn't happen, and find your inner peace, would you do it?
I think if someone told you to lay your burdens outside of the front door of their house and come in to rest, most, if not all of us would do it. Someone asks you to take off your shoes before you go into their house, you do it, out of respect. Why wouldn't we respect ourselves enough to lay all of yesterday's failures, mistakes and foibles at the doorway of today?
This is your day, a day to be the best you can be, whether it measures up to someone else's expectation or not. You have every right to take this moment and make it yours. Embrace your inner power and strength. Find something that makes you happy, and be motivated to make something wonderful today. And no matter what, never give over to the guilt or shame of other people's expectations. You are exactly where you need to be right now. And if you hate where you're at, change your mind about it. Change your thinking and you will change your life.
May LOVE and PEACE be yours today.
Gretchen de la O

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