Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So what happens when we can’t be everything to everyone? Are we supposed to shrivel up and blow away? Maybe we think we have to shrink back into that empty space we clawed and fought so hard to overcome.

Let’s admit it; no matter who we are, or what we've accomplished in our lives, we’ve all been dealt this card before. Whether from family members, friends, acquaintances, or perfect strangers, we’ve all had to deal with disappointing someone!

If we look at our essential titles of parent, best friend, brother, sister, or spouse, we will find expectations of how we’re supposed to act, feel, and live within those definitions.

We all pretty much know how we’re supposed to be when acting in the confines of what we are when society calls us a sister, friend, mother, etcetera. But what happens when we become tired of dragging hurried moment across our lives? What will it take to allow who we truly are to obliterate the guilt of not fitting into the mold society has so pretentiously slapped across us at birth.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if we decided to accept each other for whom we really are? How freeing it would be to work in a cooperative manner instead of the pressing judgment from the competitive mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying some competition isn’t good, but why must we feel threatened by the success of another? Of all the things in the world to be threatened by, successful, happy, innovative, harmonious people shouldn’t be one of them. We should be celebrating greatness within each and every person we meet.

When we recognize the potential steeping within every person; when we take the time to connect with the genius that radiates from their hearts, we will experience a mental shift toward living in gratitude. Life can come at us from all different directions, but when we consciously make a choice to live in gratitude, people open up, our world shifts, and we start to attract the relationships that guilt, fear, and doubt have no place.

When we come from love and gratitude, we understand that there is no need for guilt to hammer us. Holding on to anger or resentment isn’t an option when you live in gratitude and love. Let me be perfectly clear, I’m not saying that when we live in love and gratitude, we will never get angry or feel guilty. That is part of being human; life isn’t so black and white. But when we act with good intentions and live life consciously, we can’t help but increase our chances to have a creative, loving, harmonious life. When we learn how to let people’s limited ideas and conditional love go, the hold of the judgmental will weaken until it dissolves from our lives.

But we must make a conscious choice to come from that unadulterated creative space within us. We must choose everyday to let go of the idea that we can’t live up to the expectations people label us with; because we really don’t have to. Once we learn to live life in gratitude and interact with others from love…what people think of us tends to matter less. Their judgmental pokes and prods start to melt away and we begin to see they really have no power over us. They are likely to drift away from us and become the rocks that outline our path to our full potential.

We want to change our lives; we must begin by forgiving ourselves. Only then can we forgive others. Once we do that…once we decide to heal our personal pain with forgiveness, then the world becomes our oyster and our consciousness can’t help but expand to encompass more love, joy, peace and prosperity. Just remember to give thanks and pay it forward!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my ramblings!

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